Quickly find similar tracks during your performance

With the Similar Tracks feature, you can find tracks that match your current track in no time. You can set filters and options to adjust the results so they work for your library.

Finding a similar track is super easy! You don't even need well organized library for it, but it does help to refine your results.

If you stay within a certain genre, you should use the Genre Renamer under Health Check to make sure your genres are uniform. This makes finding similar tracks in the same genre much easier and your library will be tidier too!

Here's how to find a similar track:

  1. Fill in your base track. This is what you're playing right now!

  2. Set options if you want to finetune your results. The defaults will work just fine.

  3. Press the Search button or press Space (everything here can be controlled using keyboard! See Hotkeys below)

Now you'll see a list of similar tracks. If there were no results, try loosening the options. Click any result to make that your new base track.


Options are stored on your device so you can reload the page without losing them!


Only include results that are of these genres

BPM Range

Only include results that fall within this BPM range compared to the base track

Match harmonic key

If enabled, results will only include tracks that are valid for harmonic mixing. This works with Camelot keys, Traktor keys and musical keys. It even works if tracks have any mix of those different key types.

Match rating

Only tracks that fall within the rating range are included in the results. If you enable the "Match rating" option then the range is ignored and only tracks with the same rating are shown.

Match color

If enabled, results will only include tracks that have the same color as the base track

Must have cue points

If enabled, results will only include tracks that have cue points

Include half/double BPM

If enabled, results will also include tracks that fall within the above given BPM range if the BPM of the base track is halfed or doubled.


Everything on the Similar Track page can be controlled with your keyboard. When you're busy mixing, you shouldn't have to bother finding your mouse pointer!

These hotkeys are available:

Key Function
F Opens the base track search
G Opens the genre dropdown
B Selects the BPM range menu. Use up/down arrow to change it
K Toggle harmonic key match
C Toggle color match
R Toggle rating match
P Toggle required cue points
I Toggle inclusion of half/double BPM tracks
0 through 5 Sets the first rating knob. Hold SHIFT to set the second knob
Space Performs a search
Up/Down Arrow Cycles through results
Enter Set highlighted result as base track and searches
Shift + Delete Reset options


Rekordcloud remembers which tracks were base tracks (so you probably played them) and won't show them in the results again. If you want to reset this, just refresh the page.