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Tools for DJs

Let rekordcloud help you with tools made specifically for DJs

No more tedious work

Stop doing boring manual work and let rekordcloud do it instead

Automatic cue points

Let rekordcloud create cue points at the drop and breakdown for your tracks automatically

Find popular tracks

See what tracks are hot right now that you don't have yet

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Works onmacOS&Windows

Convert your library (even on Windows)

Interested in trying Rekordbox, Traktor, Serato or VirtualDJ?

Rekordcloud can convert your library while keeping all your hard work intact.

Rename your genres

Does your library have a bunch of genres that are really the same?

With rekordcloud you can rename them in just a few clicks.

Key converter

With so many different key notations, it's hard to make sense of them.

Rekordcloud can convert all your keys into the any of the most used notations with one click.

Find similar tracks

Within a great library it's still hard to find your next track to mix.

With rekordcloud you can use advanced controls to filter tracks based on your current track.


heart beatUpgrade your library: remove duplicates, find tracks without playlist, quickly rename your genres, convert your keys and many more smart fixes that will clean up your library
Server RefreshConvert your library from and to Rekordbox, Traktor, Serato or VirtualDJ
See what tracks are popular right now that you don't have yet
Automatically create cue points for your tracks
Extract vocals from any track
Quickly find similar tracks based on what you're playing right now. With advanced options to suit any DJ library!
Create a set list from the tracks you last played and share it on social media
Export your playlists or tracks to formats like CSV and M3U
Manage your library with advanced filtering and searching
Re-order your playlists by multiple fields or shuffle them
direction pointer locationEasily relocate your files
Supports Mac & Windows
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How does it work?


Upload your library file to rekordcloud


Use rekordcloud to fix, clean and powerup your library


Download a new library file from rekordcloud

For more information read the wiki

Stop doing manual work and hit the decks instead!

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