Easy does it

What is rekordcloud

Rekordcloud eliminates the need for tedious manual work. Our software tool will organize, sort and process your music library smoothly and accurately. This will leave you with plenty of time to do what you do best, which is to be the life of the party! Rekordcloud software is essentially a collection of tools which make things easier for you as a DJ. Which is why we proudly call it “the Swiss Army knife for DJs”.

Rekordcloud features extensive search & filter functions and tools to modify your library. This will allow you to find, edit and fix your tracks quickly and effectively. What's more, you can choose from several options for finding and removing duplicate tracks, renaming genres, quickly obtaining an overview of popular tracks not yet in your library, and automatically adding cue points. That's just the beginning, there's many more tools that solve common DJ problems.

Missing a particular function?

No problem, we'll be happy to add it for you. Just contact us, so together we can figure out a way to get you what you need. Making our software's functionality meet your individual needs as a DJ is the best way to keep making it more effective for all users. Rekordcloud is and always will be a tool created for DJs, by the community.

No charge

We will never charge you for optimizing our tool to suit your needs. We trust that by developing our tool together with you and other DJs worldwide we'll be sure to keep expanding our subscriber base.

Want to join us?

You can. We offer both monthly and annual subscriptions.

behind the scenes

From a DJ with love

Rekordcloud is built for DJs, by the community. It's primarily a one man operation but with input coming from you, the Rekordcloud members, this platform is really built by many DJs.

Together, our goal is to make pleasant software that solves your problems.