From your device to rekordcloud

Before you can start using rekordcloud, you need to upload your library. Your library consists of a list of all your tracks and tags (artist, title, cue points, etc) and all your playlists. Your actual music files will not get uploaded.

Rekordcloud supports uploading libraries from Rekordbox, Traktor, VirtualDJ and Serato.

Uploading is easy but finding your library file can be tricky. Just follow the guides below.


For Traktor you have to manually export your entire collection to the Traktor NML file and then upload it.

Follow these steps and you should be good to go!

Instruction are the same for Mac and Windows.

  1. Open Traktor

  2. Right click your Track Collection and select Export the Collection

export track collection

  1. In the following popup make sure to uncheck "Copy Tracks To Destination" and save the file anywhere you want

export dialog

  1. Now upload the resulting .nml file to rekordcloud

  2. Start using rekordcloud!


Exporting Rekordbox is super easy!

  1. Open Rekordbox

  2. Select the BPM change points option in the Advanced tab under Rekordbox preferences. This adds your beatgrids to the XML file. If you want to generate cue points, you need to enable this.

  3. In the File menu, select Export Collection in xml format

file menu

  1. Save your collection XML anywhere you want

save dialog

  1. Now upload the resulting .xml file to rekordcloud

  2. Start using rekordcloud!


For VirtualDJ you need to upload the database ZIP file that VirtualDJ creates for you. This is really easy:

  1. Open VirtualDJ

  2. In the bottom left of your screen, click the small dot.

library menu

  1. Choose Database -> Create Database Backup

  2. VirtualDJ will create a ZIP file containing your library.

  3. Upload this file to rekordcloud

  4. Start using rekordcloud!

Protip: If you aren't using playlists in VirtualDJ, you may want to create some to use with rekordcloud. Many features use playlists to more easily navigate your tracks.


Serato uses the Rekordcloud Companion App to read the tags of your music files and your crates.

Inside the Companion App, just select Upload Library and then Serato.

You can download the Companion App here