Behind the scenes

Passion project

Hey guys, it's me, Christiaan. I wanted to give you some background info about me so here goes.

I'm a passionate coder who's totally into electronic music and DJing. Years ago I was a DJ myself, dedicated to having great times with my audiences. There's nothing like experiencing the energy and enjoyment of a crowd in front of you. However, I have found that being a DJ also had its drawbacks, especially in terms of the many hours spent preparing for a show. Looking for the right music and tracks to be mixed, trying to understand all kinds of different information, all in order to create the right music combinations for that one moment behind the tables. This hassle and frustration triggered the coder in me to come up with a solution and develop Rekordcloud.

I'm proud of developing this great tool, with the help of a much appreciated circle of DJs. Rekordcloud is there for everyone who's crazy about DJing, whether professionally or as a hobby. As the tool was created by DJs, for DJs, together we've come up with a large number of practical and necessary features in terms of functionality.

Just a few of the many features:

  • automatic cue point generation; a real time-saver
  • splitting tracks into vocals and music
  • automatically fixing common problems with smart fixes

These were hard work but worth the effort.

Come and join us...

Call it a hobby that got out of hand, it's turned out to be most effective, with a growing number of enthusiastic members worldwide. We make a point of staying in touch, in order to keep gathering the feedback we need to continue optimizing Rekordcloud.

Behind the scenes

A little bit about me

“When I was a little kid, my brother regularly surprised me by playing electronic music. His taste in music led to my developing a preference for drum & bass and techno. At the age of 25 I got the opportunity to join some friends in giving DJing a try at local music temple Atak. Who would say no to something like that? After five years of spinning tables I got to a point where I had to choose between my two passions – DJing and coding. I'm happy I've been able to combine these into Rekordcloud. Needless to say I feel privileged to have saved many DJs hours and hours of time and hassle by developing Rekordcloud.”

“Made by DJs who care”