Smart Fixes

Smart Fixes can be used to clean up your library. It can instantly fix messy track titles so your library can be neat and uniform again.

You can safely scan your library and decide which tracks you want to fix.

Fix title casing

This turns titles with either ALL UPPERCASE or all lowercase into All Uppercase and All Lowercase.

Remove number prefix

This removes number prefixes from titles such as 01. Get Lucky or (01) Get Lucky and turns it into Get Lucky.

Auto extract artist from title

Sometimes you have tracks without MP3 tags that can result in tracks with titles like Daft Punk - Touch and no artist name at all.

With this you can quickly fix these tracks.

There are two options you can set here:


By default your title be split on - which would turn the above example into artist Daft Punk with title Touch. Choose the most suitable separator for your tracks. You can perform this action as often as you'd like so just do all your tracks in a few turns.

Result number

If your old title is Daft Punk - Touch then you will want Daft Punk as artist, which is the first result. Result number should be set at 1 for this.

If your old title is in a different form, e.g. Touch - Daft Punk then you will want your result number to be set at 2.

This works for any number of results, so if your old title is 07 - Touch - Daft Punk then you will want to set result number to 3.

Remove unwanted characters

This removes certain unwanted characters from your titles such as:

  • Multiple spaces in a row
  • Leading and trailing spaces
  • Leading and trailing special characters such as these: ] | -

Replace characters with space

This can replace any character you want with a space. If you have tracks with titles like Dark_Side_of_my_Room it can quickly turn it into Dark Side of my Room.

Remove URLs

This detects and removes URLs (website links) from any field and keeps the rest of the field intact. This is super useful for track titles or comment fields that have a URL in them.

Fix encoded characters

You might see some encoded characters in your tracks like &. This smart fix quickly turns those into the characters they are actually meant to be.

Extract remixer

Rekordbox, Traktor, VirtualDJ and Serato have Remixer tags but they are almost never used. With this smart fix you can extract the remixer from a title and fill the Remixer tag.

A title like At Night (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix) will have Purple Disco Machine set in the Remixer tag.

If you have title without remix parenthesis, e.g. Divide & Conquer - Noisia Remix then you should use the Add re(mix) parenthesis smart fix first.

Special words like Extended, Dance, Club will be filtered out.

The track title is never changed when extracting a remixer.

Add (re)mix parenthesis

To keep your track titles uniform, you can use this smart fix to add parenthesis to your remixed titles that don't have parenthesis.

A title like Green Bottle - Original Mix will be turned into Green Bottle (Original Mix).

Advanced smart fixes

Regular expression replace

With regular expressions you can find and replace almost anything. But they can easily break things too so don't use this unless you are familiar with regular expressions. With a large library and the wrong regular expression, you can also freeze your browser so proceed carefully.

It is highly advisable to test your regex on something like Regex101 before using it here.

You can also select a premade template. If you feel that any templates are missing, let me know and I'll add them.