Convert keys to any key notation

This will scan all your tracks and display the number of keys in Open Key notation, Camelot notation and Musical key notation. You can then choose to convert all keys to Open Key or Musical key notation.

This supports converting from Rekordbox keys, Traktor keys, Serato keys, VirtualDJ keys, Engine Prime keys and musical notes.

Please note that not every musical key can be converted. Rekordcloud will notify you about these.

Add leading zero

When converting to Open Key, you can add a leading zero. This helps to better sort your keys. Without a leading zero, the sort order will be: 1A, 10A, 11A, 12A, 2A, 3A, etc. With leading zero, the sort order will be correct.


Due to licensing restrictions, converting to Camelot notation is not available. The alternative is to use Open Key, which is the same as Camelot but with different letters and no licensing restrictions.