Writing perfect tags to your music files

With the Tag Writer you can update your music file tags (ID3 tags) so they are identical to your Rekordcloud database.

Your tracks will already look good in your Rekordbox, Serato, Traktor or VirtualDJ after using Rekordcloud but if you use your music files in another program (e.g. a music player) then you can mirror the changes with the Tag Writer.

You can select any field you want to write or skip. So you if just want to update your track titles but leave the rest as-is, you can do that too.

Common coverarts

Music purchased at certain stores or record pools will have the same coverart image for every track. This doesn't look good in your DJ program.

With the Tag Writer, you can automatically remove these from all your music. If you want, you can replace these with a custom image of your own.