Cross reference a list of tracks with your library

The Track Matcher is a powerful tool for DJs who get lists of tracks they should play. This is really useful for wedding and event DJs.

With the Track Matcher, you upload or paste a text file and rekordcloud will go through your entire library and finds close matches. The results can be saved to a new playlist.


The Track Matcher compares the artist and title fields in the list you upload with the artist and titles of the tracks in your library. Consider using Smart Fixes to clean your tracks so the results are as good as possible. One important Smart Fix is Auto Extract Artist, because if your tracks don't have an artist field, then nothing can be matched there.


The text you upload does not need to be exact. Rekordcloud uses fuzzy searching which means it will even find results if your text has typo's or slightly wrong information.

This does mean your results may contain tracks that are very similar to the tracks you wanted. That's why it's a good idea to quickly go through the results and see if there are any tracks you really don't want to add.


The input text gets cleaned automatically, so don't worry about any extra spaces, dots, or other non-text characters.

File type

Currently, the upload file should be a text (.txt) file. You can select the separator you want to use, usually this is something like -. You should have one artist/title combination per line.

If you need a different file type, please send a message.


There are two special ways to use the separator character.

If a line does not have a title but does have a separator and an artist name (eg - Daft Punk) then the Track Matcher will show you all tracks from this artist.

Or if a line does not contain the separator character, then the Track Matcher will show you all tracks with titles that match this line. So without separator character, it is assumed there is no artist on this line.


The new playlist is saved in the special rekordcloud playlist folder. You can find it at the bottom of your playlists.


Here is an example of what the text input could look like:

Flight Facilities – All your love Steelers Wheel – Stuck in the middle with you Fleetwood Mac – The Chain Ziggy Albert – Days in the sun Mallrat – UFO Set Mo – White Dress Rex Orange Country – Loving is Easy Flight Facilities – Crave You Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl; Ray LaMontagne – You are the best thing Big Yellow Taxi Elton John –