Edit your tracks by the thousands

With the Track Editor, you can change almost anything in your tags with as many tracks as you want at the same time. This is exactly what rekordcloud is meant for, to save you a ton of time.


With the powerful filter rules you can find any tracks that meet your criteria.


You can edit your tracks to instantly change tons of tracks exactly how you want. There are many editing options to choose from and with those you can do almost anything.

If the current options don't fit your need, let me know and I'll guide you or build new options if needed.

Deleting tracks

You can delete tracks with the Track Editor. This will remove them from the rekordcloud database. To see the changes in your DJ program, you need to do a Full Download or an Incremental Download (available in the Companion App).

Deleting tracks does not work for Rekordbox because the XML import process is only able to add or update tracks.


Most options are made to be really simple and should not require any explanation, but some are a bit more advanced and require some extra information.

Editing Option: Shift cues/beatgrid

In certain situations it can happen that all cue points and beatgrids are off by a bit. For example, this happens when you change from MP3 files to WAV files in Rekordbox. Rekordbox has a ~50ms delay when using MP3 files so when you switch to WAV, all your cue points and beatgrids are offset by 50ms.

You can use the Grid Shift advanced smartfix to correct this problem. Only use it when you have confirmed this is happening to you!

Note: if you convert your library from/to Rekordbox then some tracks may also experience the above problem but to fix that you should use the Rekordcloud Companion App. It scans your files and only applies the fix where the problem is found.