Relocating your tracks

Sometimes you might want to change the locations of the tracks in your library and the built-in tools that your DJ app provides aren't very practical.

With this feature you can instantly change all matching locations to a new location. You can also replace parts of the path, just be careful not to change more tracks than you intended. Note that this does not move the files on your computer, but only changes where your library looks for them.

Simply fill in the Existing path and the New path. Before you press Save, check the previews below and check if the count is correct. You can select the most commonly used paths in your library in the list, just click a path to auto fill the existing path.

You can click the preview paths below to quickly fill in the existing path box.

Make sure you use a / as separator and not a \, this goes for both Mac and Windows.

Correct path: C:/Users/Christiaan/Music/My Awesome Track.mp3
Correct path: /Users/Christiaan/Music/My Awesome Track.mp3
Incorrect path: C:\Users\Christiaan\Music\My Awesome Track.mp3

If you want to switch from Windows to Mac (or the other way around) you don't need to do anything special, just change the paths. Always use a / as separator.

Traktor only

Your remix sets will also be relocated if they have a matching path but you won't see these in rekordcloud. In the resulting NML file the paths will be changed just like the tracks would be.

Importing in Rekordbox

After relocating files, you should import your library by right clicking Playlists under rekordbox XML and selecting Import Playlist. This will make sure your playlists are imported with references to the new locations. After that go into rekordbox xml and select All Tracks, press CMD+A or CTRL+A and right click to import all these tracks to make sure tracks without playlists are also imported.

Check a few of these just to make sure the track with the new location works properly. Now you can use the FileDisplay All Missing Files menu to confirm there are no missing files. If you made a mistake, you can just make changes on rekordcloud on your already uploaded library. If you made any big mistakes, it might be easier to use your last exported XML and restart the whole process.

If any files were still missing after the import, Rekordbox will create a log file with the missing tracks.

Importing in Traktor

Import the collection by right clicking Track Collection and selection Import another collection. See the Download Library wiki page for the guide on how to do this.

After this you should select all tracks and right click and choose Check Consistency. You will see a lot of missing files, these are the old files before they were relocated. You can safely delete all missing files at this point and your library should work again.

Importing as VirtualDJ

You can import as you would normally. Your entire library will be replaced and any tracks with old paths won't exist anymore.

Importing as Serato

Make sure you do a Full Download and turn off the Only edited tracks option. Your entire Serato library will be replaced with the library on rekordcloud.