Exporting tracks to file

You can export your tracks to the following file types:

  • CSV
  • M3U
  • HTML / PDF

Selecting tracks

Simply select the playlist or tracks you want. Switch between playlist and track selection by using the tabs.

Playlists are just references to tracks so if you select a track that is multiple playlists, it will get selected in all of them. However, if there are duplicate selected tracks then only one will get exported.

Re-ordering your selection

On the next page you can re-order your tracks by dragging the handle. You can also re-order columns by dragging the column handle or you can show/hide the columns you want.

You can sort columns by clicking on the column header and by holding CMD or CTRL you can sort by multiple columns. For example, you could sort by Key and then BPM. You can quickly select multiple tracks by holding the SHIFT button.


The CSV file will have all the tracks and columns you selected earlier in that order.


The M3U file is a list of track paths and their artist and title in the extended M3U information.


You can download your selection as a plain HTML file. This is mostly useful if you want to print your tracks. You can also save them to PDF by selecting the Save to PDF option after pressing Print.