Backups are super important! Before you replace your existing library with a rekordcloud download, you should make a backup. It's actually super easy.

Read our backup article for your easiest and cheapest backup choices.

Music files

The below backup methods don't include your music files. Since your music files can get pretty large, it's smart to copy those to an external harddrive once in a while.


For Rekordbox, simply go to the File menu -> Library and Backup Library. Rekordbox will ask you if you want to include your music files, you should answer No here.

backup collection

You will end up with a .zip file that contains your Rekordbox library and settings. Keep that safe somewhere, preferably not on the same computer as your Rekordbox installation.

Restoring it works the same way, just select Restore Library and point it to your .zip file.

restore collection

The XML you uploaded to rekordcloud will work as a backup too. You should keep those for a while just in case.


Traktor actually saves your collection every time you exit Traktor. Check out the official Traktor backup article for more information.

It's best to use the NML file you uploaded to rekordcloud since it is the most recent.

You should save your latest working NML file somewhere safe, preferably not on the same computer as your Traktor installation.


To create a backup of your VirtualDJ library do the following:

  1. In the bottom left of your screen, click the small dot.

library menu

  1. Choose Database -> Create Database Backup

  2. VirtualDJ will create a ZIP file containing your library, playlists, history and settings. Save this file somewhere safe, preferably not on the same computer as your VirtualDJ installation.


Serato saves most information inside your music files.

Only your crates are saved elsewhere. You should backup the _Serato_ folder that you can find on every drive that has music that Serato uses and in your Music folder. For example, you might find these folders at C:/Users/Christiaan/Music/_Serato_/ and at D:/_Serato/

The Companion App automatically makes a backup of all your important Serato files when downloading your library. You can find these backups in the above _Serato_ folders under the rekordcloud folder. Please note that the Companion App does not backup your music files automatically.