Playlist Editor

Rekordcloud has a full featured playlist editor so you can do all your playlist management right within rekordcloud.

You can perform many basic actions such as copy or delete here but also a few very powerful actions that are explained below.

Merge Playlists

You can select any amount of playlists and merge them together in a new playlist. Since the same track may be in multiple playlists, these are removed by default in the new playlist. This is a really useful action if you want to mimic the crate behavior where you have one playlist that contains everything from playlists in a folder.

Sort Playlists

You can select multiple playlists and sort them in place. This does not sort the tracks in the playlist but it will sort the list of playlists. You can sort them alphabetically or by track count.

Prefix Playlists

You can select any amount of playlists and prefix them with text or with an increasing number. If your playlists already start with a number then it will get replaced by the new number. This is super helpful if you want to give your playlists a certain order by numbering them.

Cross Reference Playlists

By cross referencing playlsits you can create a new playlist that contains any track that was present in the selected playlists. You can also create a playlist that contains all tracks from your entire library except those in the selected playlists.