Rekordcloud is all about using your library of tracks and playlists. You can fix and clean your library here. You can use your library to find the best tracks to mix. You can use a variety of tools here all focused on improving your DJ experience.

Below are all the features you will get access to with a rekordcloud subscription.

Be sure to check the to see everything in action.

High Sierra and up
Any version, 64 bit
Rekordbox to Traktor
Convert a Rekordbox library to Traktor
Rekordbox to Serato
Convert a Rekordbox library to Serato
Rekordbox to VirtualDJ
Convert a Rekordbox library to VirtualDJ
Traktor to Rekordbox
Convert a Traktor library to Rekordbox
Traktor to VirtualDJ
Convert a Traktor library to VirtualDJ
Traktor to Serato
Convert a Traktor library to Serato
Serato to Rekordbox
Convert a Serato library to Rekordbox
Serato to Traktor
Convert a Serato library to Traktor
Serato to VirtualDJ
Convert a Serato library to VirtualDJ
VirtualDJ to Rekordbox
Convert a VirtualDJ library to Rekordbox
VirtualDJ to Traktor
Convert a VirtualDJ library to Traktor
VirtualDJ to Serato
Convert a VirtualDJ library to Serato
Partial library upload
Upload only selected playlists
Partial library download
Download only selected playlists
Genre renamer
Quickly fix your genres
Key converter
Convert all your keys to any of the most used notations
Relocate files
Quickly change track paths to a new location
Similar tracks
Find similar tracks to mix with advanced options
Apple Music charts
Quickly see which Apple Music popular tracks you don't have yet
Automatic cue points
Automatically add cue points to your tracks
Drop detection
Automatically set cue points at the drop and breakdown
Vocal splitter
Extract or remove vocals from any track
Smart Fixes
Auto extract artist
Finds tracks without artist and extracts the artist from the title
Fix track casing
Fixes track titles with all uppercase or all lowercase
Remove number prefixes
Fixes track titles that are prefixed with a number
Remove unwanted characters
Fixes track titles so that unwanted characters are removed
Replace with space
Replaces specified characters in track titles with a space
Remove URL's
Removes URL's from track titles
Replace encoded
Replaces encoded characters with the actual character
Extract remixer
Extracts the remixer from a track title
Add mix parenthesis
Adds parenthesis around the (re)mix portion of a track title
Health Check
Find duplicates in playlist
Shows playlists that contain duplicate tracks
Find tracks without playlist
Shows tracks that don't appear in any playlist
Exporting & Sharing
Generate setlist
Creates a playlist of tracks played in a certain time window
Export to CSV
Save playlist to CSV file
Export to M3U
Save playlist to M3U file
Export to HTML / PDF
Save playlist to printer friendly HTML
Instantly copy and paste tracks in social media format
Playlist management
Multi-column sort
Sort a playlist by multiple columns
Shuffle playlist
Randomizes a playlist
Clone playlist
Duplicates a playlist