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Harmonic mixing? Large library? This will save advanced DJ's so much time!

Written by: Christiaan Maks @ 7/22/2019

Is the Rekordbox traffic light system too limited for you? Or does the Traktor key search offer way too many suggestions? With a well prepared library you can use rekordcloud to find the next track to mix much faster and more confident.

Rekordcloud offers the similar tracks feature which allows you to set your current track and it will offer suggestions on what to play next. Unlike Rekordbox and Traktor though, with rekordcloud you can set additional filters so the result is actually really what you're looking for!

Let's check out these filters:


Select one or more genres to stay in so it only shows results from those genres. Especially handy for the DJ's who carry around everything!

BPM range

Going for a smooth mix? Set your BPM range just like on Pioneer CDJ's.


If your library uses ratings to indicate something about the track (maybe energy level or popularity), you can select exactly which you want here.

Harmonic key

Set this to match key and neighbouring keys. This works with Camelot keys, Rekordbox keys, Traktor keys and musical notes.


If your tracks are colored, it will only show the same colored tracks with this.

Cue points

With this only tracks that have cue points are shown.

Half/double BPM

Mixing into half or double BPM is easy! But finding that track is hard. Now tracks that are half or double the current track's BPM are also shown.

You can use any of these filters but you don't need to. If your library doesn't use color or you don't care about half BPM tracks, just ignore it.

With an organized library this can be an amazing tool. You won't need to remember the perfect track choices anymore and you won't need to go through hundreds of poor suggestions to find a decent track. This will save you time when it matters the most.

Protip: With the genre renamer you can change all your genres to the right ones in just a few clicks. And with correct genres in all your tracks, finding your next track to mix is so much easier.

Curious? Check out the demo to play around with finding some similar tracks.

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