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Tutorial: Convert VirtualDJ to Traktor and Rekordbox

Written by: Christiaan Maks @ 12/18/2019

Interested in trying Traktor or Rekordbox, but you think you're stuck on VirtualDJ? Nope!

You can keep all your cue points, playlists, tags, colors and all your hard work and transfer it to Traktor or Rekordbox.

Rekordcloud can convert libraries and does all the hard and complex work for you. Heads up, rekordcloud does require a paid subscription.

Here's how to convert your entire VirtualDJ library in just a few clicks.

Start by opening op VirtualDJ and creating a ZIP file of your library. You can do this by clicking the small button in the bottom left on the screen:

Creating a VirtualDJ ZIP file

Choose Database -> Create Database Backup

VirtualDJ will create and show you a ZIP file. Now go to rekordcloud and choose the Upload Library menu:

Rekordcloud upload library

Now drag and drop your file in the upload field:

Drag and drop your library here

The last step, downloading your library. Go to the Download Library menu on rekordcloud:

Rekordcloud Download Library menu

Simply select Download Full Library since you want to convert everything. Then choose the software you want to start using:

Choose your download type

Press Download and you'll have your new library. There are some options on this last screen that are explained here but usually you can leave them as they are.

To use your new library, you have to import it. Please follow the step by step guide to learn how.

That's all! If you have questions, feel free to send a message with the button in the corner or on Facebook.


Are you managing a large library that's getting messy? Or maybe you want to generate cue points automatically? Rekordcloud can do really cool things!

Check out the instant rekordcloud demo. No signup required!

More cool stuff is coming. Follow rekordcloud on Facebook to stay up to date.

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