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The best way for DJs to discover new tracks

Written by: Christiaan Maks @ 6/8/2020

In this post I want to show you a really powerful new feature that rekordcloud now has: Track Discovery

It works like this:

First you choose one of your DJ playlists. Then rekordcloud will find recommendations based on those tracks and you'll get a large list of new tracks that are similar to the ones in the playlist. And the best part is, it won't show you any tracks that you already have.

You can preview tracks and create a new playlist from it right from within rekordcloud. Browsing through them is super easy and fast. Discovering new tracks has really never been this easy for a DJ!

Choosing a playlist

The first step is choosing a playlist, you can use any of your DJ playlists that come straight from Rekordbox, Traktor, Serato or VirtualDJ. You can also use a Spotify playlist.

You have some options to get results that are more to your liking. You can change the option to get results that are more or less likely to have vocals, so if you don't want vocals in your tracks, put it on "Vocals unlikely" and all tracks that are sure to have vocals will not be visible.

The same can be done for low- and high energy tracks. If you only want relaxing tracks then you can set this option to Low Energy.

Previewing results

Track discovery results

Above you can see a few results from the large list. The first tracks are what you'll probably like best. Rekordcloud is smart and has a scoring system for your recommendations.

Previewing a track

You can listen to the results by clicking "Play preview". With keyboard controls available, you can scroll through the results and listen to them really quickly. You can mark tracks to keep so can you save those you like to a Spotify playlist.

Available now

Track Discovery works for any genre and any of your playlists. Playlists with more of the same genre will give you better results.

If you're looking to expand your library, this is the best tool out there!

You can try out Track Discovery in the rekordcloud demo. Rekordcloud has many more features, be sure to take a good look around!

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