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Lexicon: Smart playlists

Written by: Christiaan Maks @ 5/27/2021

A crucial tool in any well organized DJ library are smart playlists. Also knows as Intelligent Playlists, Smart Crates, Filter Folders and more.

In Lexicon they are called Smartlists, short and simple.

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Listening, cues & beatgrid

Tags, tags, tags!

Smartlists let you set up rules that filter all your tracks and show you the results. Let's say I want to listen to my favorite drum & bass, I'd do something like this:

Smartlist example

You can filter your tracks based on any field with the following types:

- Text

- Number

- Date

- Tags

- Color

Each of the above types has many operators, for example:

- Text Contains

- Text Starts With

- Number Greater Than

- Before certain Date

- Has certain Color

And many more. There are currently 30 different operators to choose from.

Auto updating

Smartlists auto update when you view them.

This means that any new track you add to your library will automatically appear in your smartlists, if they fit within the smartlist rules.


You might already be using smart playlists in a DJ app like Rekordbox or Serato. These are imported and converted to Lexicon smartlists automatically.


Because Lexicon imports smart playlists from any supported DJ app and turns them into Lexicon smartlists, the opposite is possible too. When you sync Lexicon with your favorite DJ app, the smartlists are converted back to smart playlists in that DJ app.

So if you just want to convert your smart playlists from Serato to Rekordbox (or Traktor or VirtualDJ) then Lexicon can do that too. You don't need to keep recreating them anymore!

If a DJ app does not support smart playlists (e.g. Engine Prime) then the Lexicon smartlists are converted to regular playlists when syncing.

More soon

That's all about smartlists. They're pretty straight forward but so very powerful and flexible.

Smartlists get more powerful as your library gets more organized. Proper tags and energy and popularity rating go a long way here.

More Lexicon details coming next week!

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