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Lexicon: Listening, cues & beatgrid

Written by: Christiaan Maks @ 5/12/2021

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The idea & vision

More fields & flexibility

Where Rekordcloud was an extension of the well known DJ apps, Lexicon lets you much more. One of the things that is made easier, is listening to your own music. Lexicon has a fully capable music player with play queue, hotkeys, zoomable waveform and more.

The music player and cue points


Lexicon has many fully customizable hotkeys so you can control the music player the way you prefer.

You can set hotkeys as Global which lets you control your music player from outside Lexicon. You can listen to your own DJ library while doing something else.

There are hotkeys for changing your cues, beatgrid and beat jump. Combine that with global hotkeys, you can jump to any cue without even looking at Lexicon. Or go forward 64 beats at the press of a button while browsing the internet. That's how you go through your music in a flash.

A few of the hotkeys

Cues & beatgrid

You can edit all your cues and loops from within the Lexicon music player or add new ones. You can also edit the beatgrid by adding or removing beat markers or changing their position.

All your preparation work can be done in Lexicon.

Beatgrid adjustments are done with the grid controls:

Beatgrid adjustment controls

Beat jump

You can quickly beat jump through a track so you can jump to the important parts quickly. Or you can pause a track and use beat jump to accurately set cue points exactly that many beats between them.

Set up hotkeys for beat jump, even global, and you can really fly through your tracks.

Beat jump controls


Lexicon has a built in track analyzer. If your tracks don't have a beatgrid yet, Lexicon will automatically create one.

Just like any DJ app, the analyzer can also analyze your track keys.

More soon

That's it for now, more Lexicon details coming next week!

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