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Lexicon: Charts of all kinds

Written by: Christiaan Maks @ 6/2/2021

An important part of Lexicon is neatly integrating your library with other sources of data. One of these important sources of data are Charts. So today a little bit about charts in Lexicon.

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Finding charts on a website somewhere is easy, but knowing which track you already have is the hard part. With Lexicon, you have a direct integration in your library. When you look at a chart, Lexicon already tells you the tracks that you have.

Historical charts

You can save all the tracks that Lexicon found in this chart straight into a new playlist. Making a chart playlist from your own music now only takes 10 seconds.

Any track that hasn't been found automatically can be loaded into the Track Matcher so you can do a search and pick the results. Or you can load them into Store Links and immediately find the right place to buy the tracks.


There are currently three chart sources, with more on the way.

You can see the current hits from Apple Music, these are updated every day.

You can see historical charts, any year from 1950 until now.

And there are localized charts where you can see the current hits in a specific country or even city.

Beatport charts are underway and there are some other chart ideas in progress too. If you know any good charts that you'd love to match up with your library, let me know!

Lexicon Beta

The Lexicon beta version is available to all Rekordcloud subscribers. Give it a try here and let me know what you think!

More soon

That's it for now, more Lexicon details coming next week.

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