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Fix your genre mess in a just a few minutes

Written by: Christiaan Maks @ 8/4/2019

Does the above picture look familiar? Every song you download has a new (sub)genre, spelled slightly different or is just plain wrong. Manually fixing all those is crazy much work so instead most DJ's just ignore genre tags altogether and play from genre playlists instead.

But with rekordcloud you can fix this great mess of genres in just a few clicks!

It's just these two steps:

This mess can be fixed in minutes

Just select all the genres that are the same like the picture above and choose the genre you want to rename them to.

Change your track genres in just a few clicks

That was really just a few clicks and you've just fixed thousands of tracks.

And with your genres totally perfect, you can rely on them again when searching for them. Or when finding similar tracks you can use this new power to keep mixing within one (or more) genres.

Curious? Check out the demo to play around with rekordcloud and get a feel for it.

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