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Converting Traktor to Rekordbox (even on Windows)


Are you using Traktor and you want to switch to Rekordbox (or vice versa)? But you've invested hundreds of hours into organizing, beatgridding and cueing your Traktor tracks?

Of course you don't want to do all that boring work again! And you don't have to! This is where rekordcloud comes in.

With rekordcloud you can quickly convert your entire Traktor collection to Rekordbox. All your tracks, cue points, playlists, comments and everything will be converted. This works for macOS and Windows!

Just upload your Traktor NML file and you can immediately download a Rekordbox XML file that contains all your track information. It's really easy and we have complete guide right here.

And while you're on rekordcloud, you can use the other powerful features to clean and fix your collection. Check if your playlists have duplicate tracks by doing a health check. Or run any of the smart fixes to clean ugly titles.

Not convinced yet? Check out the demo to see everything rekordcloud can do.

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